After watching the movie "Noah" the other day, I couldn't help but notice that the writers succumbed to the common Hollywood stereotypical depiction of a prophet of God.

I kept waiting to see the depiction of such a man as described in the Bible, but he never came on screen. Instead, I saw a bitter, angry, unreasonable man who apparently couldn't receive revelation from God in his times of need. In the end, he is schooled on the meaning of his life by a daughter-in-law who is barely out of her teens.

I have associated with men of God my whole life, and none of them were of such a nature. So when I see Noah's character assassinated in such a manner, I think of these great men I have known, and I want them portrayed as they really are. Flawed but doing the work of the Lord with humility, kindness, gentleness and love unfeigned.

It's a shame that the real men of God don't seem to show up on the big screen. Perhaps that might be because the men of Hollywood have never mixed with the men of God so as to write about and portray their true character. And that is a loss for both them and for the world at large.

Scott Stephenson