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This week’s "Deseret News National Edition" features a discussion about Finland’s education system, insight into how to help young widows and an inspiring story about how a former child soldier is using music to help create peace.

Segment 1

Finland is the only Western nation near the top of international rankings in science, reading and math. Dave McCann visited with educators who just returned from a teacher institute program in Finland with BYU’s Center for the Study of Europe http://europe.byu.edu/. They discussed what makes Finland’s system a success and what would and would not work in the U.S.

Segment 2

The family segment features an important discussion on how to help young widows in the face of loss. Most people have no idea how to approach the topic of an untimely death. Gwen Peterson is president of the Hope for Widows Foundation. She started the foundation after her best friend became a widow at 34. She shared important information about the best way to offer help, what to say and where people can turn for additional support.

The months after a new baby is born can be isolating for moms. They are torn between spending valuable time with their babies, getting back in shape and interacting with other adults. Deanie Wimmer looks at a new and unique class that encourages moms to bring their babies along.

Segment 3

We've heard lots of warnings about skin cancer but with so many sunscreen products out there, it's hard to figure out which ones offer the best protection.

Lori Prichard boils it down for us.

A former child soldier from Sudan is encouraging people to push for peaceful resolutions abroad. Nkoyo Iyamba spoke to Emmanuel Jal about his mission.

"The Deseret News National Edition" highlights Deseret News content centered around six areas of editorial emphasis: family, faith in the community, excellence in education, values in media and culture and causes related to helping the poor and financial responsibility. Each week, the program goes in-depth on these topics and brings insights from voices from around the country.