It is a dangerous time to have halting leadership in America.

In the treaty of Amiens in 1803, under the feckless British Prime Minister Henry Addington, Britain surrendered to France. When Napoleon returned from Elba and again threatened Britain and Europe, Addington at least had the good sense to step down as his colleagues realized his lack of ability to lead in wartime.

In 1938, a similar situation arose with Neville Chamberlin. When shown to have acted the part of a fool, he soon stepped down and allowed Winston Churchill to form a new government and become the wartime Prime Minister.

America is now being assaulted on every side. The parallels as to leadership are pertinent to our day, and with our form of government we are stuck with what we have, and what we have is hopelessly inept. Our president must either step down or get about him men who understand the forces arrayed against us, and the country of Israel.

Our situation is dangerous. America needs to get on its knees, and ask for aid. Then we need to get the incapable leaders out of office, and bring America back to its strength morally, spiritually and militarily.

Vernon Cook

Salt Lake City