Americans are a compassionate people who also believe in law and order. We allow significant immigration and welcome those who come here legally. In a recent letter to the editor, ("End hatred,” July 24, 2014), Colton Osguthorpe was "made sick" by a TV commentator's suggestion that the current influx of young illegal immigrants be quickly returned to their own countries.

Right and wrong are usually more apparent when applied to you personally. Suppose the king of Mr. Osguthorpe's town let it be known that the police would no longer enforce property rights. As a result, young trespassers from other towns seeking a better life come onto his property, set up camp in his yard and expect to stay there and be cared for. In Mr. Osguthorpe's own words, "How can we say we are the shining city on a hill, a beacon of freedom and prosperity and at the same time turn away those seeking our help?" Would Mr. Osguthorpe welcome these trespassers and help them obtain a better life, or would he be guilty of hate and bigotry if he suggested they be sent back where they came from?

Ron Paxton