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"Waiting for You" is a contemporary love story by Camille Halverson.

"WAITING FOR YOU," by Camille Halverson, Covenant Communications, $15.99, 207 pages (f)

Alex Davenport is a successful Salt Lake City lawyer who spends most of his waking hours working. He comes from a loving, supportive family who are active members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints but is content to continue his bachelorhood. Things change, however, when he sets eyes on the beautiful Kaitlin Salinger, and he soon finds himself thinking more about her than his law cases.

Kaitlin’s family life is the antithesis of Alex’s. After her parents were murdered, Kaitlin was shuffled around to relatives who had no interest in raising a Mormon orphan. An accomplished businesswoman, Kaitlin exudes confidence and humility. At first she struggles to believe that someone of Alex’s caliber is interested in her, but she quickly becomes lost in their love.

Alex and Kaitlin seem to have embarked upon a fantasy romance. But soon Kaitlin is bothered by Alex’s workaholic habits. Just when their relationship reaches a pivotal crossroads, a tragic accident threatens to destroy their entire future.

Camille Halverson is a great writer who obviously enjoys fairy tale romances. While reading about a wealthy, humble, straight-arrow, returned LDS missionary is fun, Alex comes across as rather too good to be true. Kaitlin is a bit more believable with her imperfect background, but her tri-linguist talents and business successes seem over the top as well.

Comment on this story

The first quarter of this book is a fun romantic read, but all the perfect-world romance gets old fast. Halverson’s true writing talents shine in the last three-fourths of the novel, when tempers flare and tragedy strikes. Conflict and imperfection lend believability to the book with a jealous neighbor and leering co-worker.

“Waiting for You” has clean language, very little violence and romance that doesn’t go beyond kissing. Overall, this is a fun read for those who want a romantic respite with a happy ending.

Halverson is a graduate of the University of Utah. A certified public accountant, she has also worked in an emergency room and surgery.

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