Most parents in Utah take time out of their day to help their children succeed in school. I feel that schools in Utah should personalize the educational experience for those students that don't have a parent to help them succeed.

For children like this, it is so easy to be overlooked and fail classes. Often, they just don’t know how to ask for help. Too many students do just the bare minimum to pass, or don't pass at all.

I strongly feel that if counselors took a week during the middle of a term to bring failing students in and have a talk about their needs, more students would pass.

None of the four different high schools I attended were accommodating to my personal circumstances. If any of these schools had done this, maybe I wouldn't have dropped out and had to get my GED.

Just a bit more support, a few more questions an a touch of thoughtfulness, and I feel many more students would not only graduate, but excel.

Mia Snow