I recently came across a blog written to inspire women to boycott the 50 Shades or Grey film, and for the most part I agreed with the blogger. I agree that the idea behind this movie is demeaning and transforms something that should be beautiful into a horrific farce of what love and intimacy are intended to create between a couple.

What I don't agree with is the idea that filmmakers are exposing us to this degrading level of immorality because we are mindless drones and we should place blame on them for creating this media. I believe they do it because, sadly, we ask for it.

Ultimately, I believe we shouldn’t boycott 50 Shades of Grey just to make a statement in the hopes that the industry will change and create more wholesome films. We should avoid this movie because we want to change, we do have morals and we recognize that this kind of media is nothing more than romanticized pornography. We should avoid it because we know how love really looks and feels and it doesn't have anything to do with power, control, and sadism or masochism. It is beautiful, it is enriching and it is powerful in and of itself.

Debbi Carman