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BYU Studies
"The Testimony of Luke" is by S. Kent Brown and is part of the BYU New Testament Commentary.

"THE TESTIMONY OF LUKE," by S. Kent Brown, BYU Studies, e-book $19.99, 738 pages (nf)

"The Testimony of Luke" includes a distinctive look at the character and context of the Savior, as well as the unique teachings offered by the perspective of Luke.

It's the latest contribution from S. Kent Brown, professor of ancient scripture and the director of ancient studies at Brigham Young University, and is published as part of the BYU New Testament Commentary ebook series by BYU Studies.

Brown structures "The Testimony of Luke" as a verse-by-verse commentary. Each section includes translation notes and commentary, followed by in-depth analysis of the text. The translation notes focus on specific passages, giving linguistic, legal and cultural clarifications. The analysis portions delve into who the Savior is and what we can learn about him by what he said, what he did and how he interacted with people.

While to be appreciated by scholars, "The Testimony of Luke" is also a useful resource for the lay reader seeking further insights to textual questions. Easily searched by chapter and verse, the book will allow readers to skip around to specific scriptures or pour themselves into study from start to finish.

Appropriate as a seminary, institute or Sunday school study guide or as an incredible tool for personal use, this 738-page family-friendly commentary is an asset to any library. The only graphic scenes at all are the same ones in scripture: the healings of certain diseases and the sufferings of the Savior himself.

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