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Covenant Communications
"Mormon Wars: Early Persecutions, Hawns Mill, Nauvoo War, Johnstons Army" is edited by by Glenn Rawson and Dennis Lyman.

"THE MORMON WARS: Early Persecutions, Hawn’s Mill, The Nauvoo War, War of Extermination, Johnston’s Army and the War on Polygamy," edited by Glenn Rawson and Dennis Lyman, Covenant Communications, $24.99, 139 pages (nf)

The war in heaven never ended, it just changed battlefields.

That's one of the ideas behind a new book titled "The Mormon Wars: Early Persecutions, Hawn's Mill, The Nauvoo War, War of Extermination, Johnston's Army and the War on Polygamy."

Created in association with the History of the Saints series and published by Covenant Communications, the book contains essays that detail accounts of violence, mob persecutions and significant trials faced by early members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

"The history of the church is replete with tales of sacrifice and suffering, tragedy and triumph," the editors write. "Now members of the church can gain a deeper understanding of many of the significant trials faced by early Saints. ... Understanding the events that refined the early Saints will fortify your faith in the face of continuing modern-day battles."

The book features full-color photos, documents and paintings depicting historical events. Each chapter focuses on a period in church history. The first chapter covers persecution in New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio; Chapter 2 focuses on the events of Jackson County, Missouri, in 1833; the third chapter recaps the 1838 Mormon conflict in Northern Missouri; Chapter 4 is about the Nauvoo War of September 1846; Chapter 5 is about the Utah War, 1857-58; and Chapter 6 reviews the war on polygamy.

The violence described isn't any more detailed than in LDS Church publications.

Glenn Rawson and Dennis Lyman are the book's general editors. There are also contributions by Mark Staker, William Hartley, Alexander Baugh, Richard Bennett, Kenneth Alford and Thomas Alexander.

There is also an unabridged audio book available on CD and a DVD of the televsion series episodes that cover the same topics.

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