I continue to be saddened and appalled at the criminal behaviors that exist in some of our policing agencies, governmental institutions and those who have sworn to "serve and protect.” Don't get me wrong; my assumption is that there are many honest, ethical and trustworthy public servants.

Acting criminally has little to do with political persuasion. Rather, it has everything to do with personal integrity. Apparently, corruption is rampant. A great investigation would be one into the number of officers who have lost their pensions, have been "booted out" of the force or are now serving time. I assume that number would astonish us. Add to that the number of apparent criminal behaviors in some federal institutions and we would all realize that it is time not to be fooled by the wolves in sheep's clothing.

We have corruption all around us and we are allowing ourselves to be pacified by radio personalities, media and other voices who simply are unaware or refuse to investigate these matters. I applaud those that are investigating. From recent activity into corruption we obviously have big problems. I believe we have only scratched the surface of corruption in Utah.

Frederik Dissel

Cottonwood Heights