The character of a nation is determined by the character of its people. George Washington stated that this country's success depends on the use of religious and moral principles. It is easy to see that the present day use of principles has skirted religion and morals; they are entirely based on what can be claimed from any part of the constitution.

Civil rights are at the front regardless of rationality. The laws of nature are considered obsolete. Norms, even though they have been proven best, are set aside because civil rights are easier to live by and are now accepted by society.

Good character has to be nurtured. It is not a free gift. Desires, good and bad, come with the individual. Growing up is part of character development. What one does with the unusual or unnatural desires is the challenge of that individual.

Time and experience have already shown that submission to poor society traits results in defamation of both the character of the individual and to the character of the society to which that person belongs. Washington laid the foundation for a great nation. What are we doing to or for it?

Robert Foster