The justification for daylight saving time was that it would reduce energy consumption during war times and past energy crises. However, recent studies in California have found that energy savings attributed to daylight saving time are insignificant. In fact, there is evidence that daylight saving time might actually cause an increase in energy consumption. This is especially true in regard to gasoline consumption — we are a mobile society, with the sun going down later we tend to schedule summer activities later and drive around longer in the evening.

The most valid and supported argument in favor of daylight saving time is that many people simply like it. The question is, are they the majority or the minority? I question many of the supporting arguments in favor of daylight saving time, including its alleged boost to tourism and the economy. When planning a vacation, have you ever considered a location based on when the sun will set, and have you ever not purchased something you needed or wanted because there is less evening light?

Daylight saving time is merely a somewhat harsh and arbitrary adjustment of our clocks, and a twice-yearly shock to our systems. Please end daylight saving time.

Stephen Johnsen