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Jason Olson, Deseret News
Ryan Bishop is in his 13th year as head coach at Davis High School.
I’m really, really, really excited for my new opportunity. I was able get out of coaching on my own terms. It’s sad, I’ve loved every second at Davis High, but I’m stoked and excited. —Ryan Bishop

KAYSVILLE — Ryan Bishop never expected to be a lifer coach.

He came from a coaching family and married into a coaching family, but always knew he’d eventually end up in administration some day. When and where he had no idea, but to prepare himself for the unforeseen he completed his administrative degree five years ago.

Last month, Bishop’s “dream situation” presented itself.

When UHSAA assistant director Kevin Dustin was hired as the new Salt Lake Community College athletic director in mid-June, Bishop immediately put his name into the hat along with 23 others to be Dustin’s replacement.

Late last week, UHSAA executive director Rob Cuff offered Bishop the job, who effective immediately has resigned as the Davis High football coach to begin the next chapter in his life.

“I’m really, really, really excited for my new opportunity. I was able get out of coaching on my own terms. It’s sad, I’ve loved every second at Davis High, but I’m stoked and excited,” said Bishop, who’s been a head coach at Bear River and then Davis the past 16 years.

“While all this seems kind of abrupt and fast, one day I’m coaching and the next I’m leaving to take an administrative job, but to me it’s really something I’ve worked toward for five or six years. You can’t control when your opportunities come up.”

Bishop will oversee football, golf, boys basketball and baseball at the UHSAA, and he's someone Cuff said he’s thrilled to bring on staff.

“Ryan is so full of energy and enthusiasm and excitement for life in general, but also a passion for education-based activities, we just know he’ll be a tremendous fit into the staff we have,” said Cuff.

Bishop will be the first “football guy” who’s ever worked in the UHSAA offices. It wasn’t a requirement for the job, but Bishop is excited about what that could entail down the road.

“For me it was very intriguing. Obviously I will do a good job representing all the sports … but hopefully I can bring up a different perspective (with football) because I have been on the front lines with the coaches in the state,” said Bishop, whose first day on the job is Tuesday.

Davis assistant coach Tyler Gladwell — who was Bonneville’s head coach for one season in 2012 — will take over as the interim head coach this season. Davis principal Richard Swanson said he'll address a permanent solution to the head coaching position at the end of the season.

Bishop has been one of the most successful football coaches in the state the past 16 years, also serving as the president of the Utah High School Football Coaches Association for a year.

He coached the first three years of his career at Bear River, and the last 13 at Davis, finishing with an impressive 112-67 record and a 5A state championship in 2004.

“On one hand I’m very sad about leaving Davis and walking away from coaching, but on the other hand I knew this was something I wanted to do and this is a dream situation to be in administration but still involved with athletes, and not only on a school level and a state level,” said Bishop.

Bishop is one of three new staffers to join the UHSAA this summer. Former Desert Hills vice principal Kim Monkres replaced retiring Becky Anderson, while former Dixie State coordinator of media relations Jeff Cluff replaced retiring Mike Petty as the supervisor of officials.

“You hate to see people leave, but I’m really excited about the enthusiasm who are coming in and their expertise in sports and activities,” said Cuff.