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Mike DeBernardo, Deseret News
A house at 1321 W Catherine Street was seriously damaged Saturday, July 12, 2014, when a 9-year-old crashed his grandfather's car through the front window and into the living room.

SALT LAKE CITY — A house sustained major damage Saturday when a 9-year-old crashed his grandfather's Jeep through the front window and into the living room.

The accident happened at 1321 W. Catherine Street about 2 p.m. when the neighbor who lives across the street allowed his grandson to back the vehicle out of the garage, said Salt Lake Police Lt. Scott White.

"During the process of backing up, the grandson gets a little bit confused and pushes on the gas instead of the brake, and they go at a high rate of speed through the neighbor's house," White said.

Neither the 9-year-old driver nor his grandfather, who was in the passenger seat, were injured. The homeowner wasn't as lucky.

The woman, who White said is in her 60s, was in the living room watching TV when the accident happened.

"I couldn't move fast enough," the woman said. "I tried to move my foot, but here come the couch!"

The couch landed on her foot, causing it to bleed and swell. She planned to have a friend take her to have it examined by a doctor.

As for the damage home, White said he was unsure if the woman would be allowed back in Saturday night.

"We're not letting anyone into the house until our building inspectors come out and make sure it's OK," he said.

— Jordan Ormond