Americans love competition. In Utah, we volunteer time and donate to churches, youth sports, scouting and the environment. These worthy endeavors need dedicated volunteers and financial donations to achieve their goals. Another volunteer effort many of us take for granted affects the many ways we are taxed and charged fees for government services. It determines the laws and regulations we must obey.

All political parties are run by volunteers and financed by donations. The parties recruit candidates, develop party platforms, constitutions and bylaws, conduct caucus meetings and nominating conventions and support campaigns. It requires thousands of volunteers. This ensures Utahans can go the polls and vote for candidates who are recruited, endorsed and supported by a party.

As the 2014 election cycle moves toward election day, please get to know candidates running for all offices that affect you. Volunteer and donate. If you do, you can make a difference to ensure the best person wins and determine how all levels of government will affect your life.

Dale Ash