When I check out a story that raises doubt about human-caused climate change, I consistently find the source tied to an ideologically driven organization focused on spreading doubt on the reality of what is happening. Madhev Kandekar claimed that “global warming is not increasing extreme weather events.” Khandekar is affiliated with the Heartland Institute, an organization at the forefront of climate change denial, as well as other such groups.

Contrast Khandekar’s opinion with the recent report “Risky Business: The Economic Risks of Climate Change in the United States,” from the nonpartisan Risky Business Project, co-chaired by Henry Paulson, Republican and former Treasury secretary, Michael Bloomberg and Tom Steyer. The report states, “The U.S. faces significant and diverse economic risks from climate change.”

They tell of the economic costs of rising sea levels and increasing temperatures if we continue on the current pace of greenhouse gas emission. Their conclusions are consistent with the 97 percent of climate scientists who accept the consensus that humans are causing global warming.

David Folland