A carbon tax in America could help reduce emissions worldwide to slow down warming. It would raise the price of carbon fuels in the U.S. When the government collects a greater portion of taxes, the costs of a business go up. The business can try to charge a higher price for their goods, accept a lower profit margin or find a way to bring their costs back down.

As coal and oil become more expensive due to taxes, alternate energy sources become financially preferable. If motivated to use alternative energy, businesses will not merely adopt the costly technology; they will try to bring the costs down to increase profits. If a business must switch from coal to solar and sees their costs go up, you can be sure they will spend resources and time researching how to make solar cheaper and more convenient.

Businesses in America will frantically try to reduce costs of green technology and come up with new solutions. This technology will spread. With cheaper solar energy, Chinese companies will use more solar and less coal. With enough breakthroughs, global warming can be slowed.

We must create incentives for businesses to use and research alternative energy. A carbon tax in America can help stop global warming around the world without the difficulties of international politics.

Richard Buck

Salt Lake City