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Hugh Carey, Deseret News
Utah Jazz guard Gordon Hayward speaks with the media as Jazz players clean out their lockers for the season in Salt Lake City Thursday, April 17, 2014.

Michael Jordan is causing Jazz fans fits all over again. Sixteen years ago, Jordan did it with a free-throw line jumper. This time around, he is doing it with his checkbook. Thanks to Jordan and his Charlotte Hornets, the Utah Jazz will have to pay max dollars for the opportunity to bring Gordon Hayward back into the fold. All indications are that is what the Jazz will do once the moratorium is lifted and players can sign on the dotted line.

That has created quite a stir among many fans who believe that Hayward isn't worth that kind of money at this point in his career. Nightmares of an Andrei Kirilenko max deal are often mentioned when re-signing Hayward is the topic at hand.

While re-upping Hayward at max money is an interesting proposition, it isn't nearly as bad as the contract that Kirilenko received from the Jazz brass. The Jazz will still have plenty of cap flexibility with Hayward back in town and won't have to worry about the luxury tax threshold. Although matching the Hornets' offer isn't a bad move, there are still plenty of other options the Jazz should explore before putting pen to paper.

Here is a look at some of the options that the Jazz should consider before matching on Gordon Hayward.