As a retired elementary teacher, I want to respond to the comments concerning Common Core. Rather than being concerned only about the core, parents should take a good look at the way their local district and school principal implement core objectives. Are teachers allowed to teach, focusing on their individual classroom needs, or are they directed to use a schedule that demands minute-by-minute plans that allow no flexibility to meet individual needs? Are reading, math and testing coming from purchased programs that leave no time for creative thought, the arts or even the reading out loud of great children's literature? Are faculty and staff supported and encouraged, or are they demeaned and discouraged from developing a classroom that creates an environment in which a child loves to learn?

Current policies often focus on the dynamics of reading and math, but if children view these subjects only as rote duties, it is unlikely that they will develop a love of reading or a desire to expand their horizons.

Jane Buirgy

Salt Lake City