I recently returned from four months in the Southern Hemisphere. In more than 50 years of travel and 107 countries, I've yet to find anything that even comes close to the bountiful life we enjoy as Americans.

It may be true, America is a bit "quirky," and yes, thanks to the mixed messages from both sides of the aisle, combined with extreme factions from the left and the right, what the rest of the world sees tends to be slanted and over-dramatized. The reality, however, is this: No other country or people has advanced the progress of human quality of life, love of liberty or pursuit of opportunity than this--a land divinely inspired and unabated in its relentless pursuit to preserve those liberties.

As a seventh-generation military veteran, I'm honored and grateful that, as part of my family heritage, we participated in every major conflict since the Revolution, in the defense of American freedoms.

Drew Williams

Cedar Hills