CAPITOL REEF NATIONAL PARK — Cherries, apricots, peaches, plums, apples and pears are typically available for harvest each summer at Capitol Reef National Park. The prediction for the 2014 fruit season shows that apples, pears and peaches should be in good supply.

"Fruit harvest times should range from early July through October," said Leah McGinnis, park superintendent.

Up-to-date fruit harvest information and pricing is recorded on the Capitol Reef Fruit Hotline, 435-425-3791, as fruit ripens and specific harvest start dates are determined, as well as the park's Facebook page and Twitter feed.

Climbing fruit tress is not permitted in the park. The National Park Service provides special fruit picking ladders. Use care when picking fruit, and carefully read and follow posted instructions on fruit picking and ladder use.

Capitol Reef National Park uses the receipts from fruit sales to defray to cost of maintaining the orchards. The historic Fruita orchards are among the largest in the National Park System and were established beginning in the 1880s by Mormon pioneer residents of Fruita.