One thing that almost every student complains about with school is the food. Sour milk and crunchy fries sure won’t help students receive the energy they need to function through the day. Even the new policy where students have to take a fruit cup or vegetable with every lunch isn’t helping. From experience, I have taken multiple fruit cups that are moldy or old and veggies that are warm and dry. Students end up throwing away these options and it is wasting money while leaving the students with empty stomachs. This then causes sleepiness, inattentiveness and slower reactions with the students for the rest of the day.

If the food we ate actually had some nutritional value these problems would go away. When there is fresh fruit and vegetables that aren’t weeks old, more kids actually eat them. This could help our school academically with higher test scores and the quality of assignments. Just this small change can open up multiple opportunities in our lives that we would never have seen because we were either sleeping or not paying attention from the lack of nutrition given to us during lunch.

Ashley Curtis

South Jordan