The ruling in favor of Hobby Lobby is not a victory for religious freedom, it's a victory for intolerance.

We are guaranteed the freedom of religion by one of the most brilliantly written and important documents in history: the Constitution of the United States. We are each free to believe and worship as we see fit. But there are limits to that belief. We are not allowed to impose our beliefs on others, not through bigotry, intolerance or through the application of restrictive laws. Nor are we allowed to use religious belief as an excuse to decide who can or cannot sit at a lunch counter, ride a bus or marry.

In the specific case of Hobby Lobby, it matters not what the owners believe. The money they pay out for health insurance is part of the compensation package their employees receive, and they should not be able to say where that money goes.

This is not a victory to be celebrated, but a loss to be mourned.

Christopher Morris

Salt Lake City