I have lived in Utah all my life and my family and I have ridden dirt bikes for many years in our wonderful state. Our family, as well as many other families, have seen the beautiful places of our state and have enjoyed our experiences with nature very much. ORVs have also offered opportunities for the elderly, handicapped and the very young to experience the beauties of nature. I admit that some bikers have abused the land at times, but the majority is conservation-minded and stay on the trails.

There are 35,000 miles of trails for ORVs to enjoy in our state. On the other hand, Congress has designated several acres of Wilderness in this state where all motorized and mechanized recreation is prohibited forever. We are only trying to keep the trails and roads open that we are allowed to use. Consider the ratio of the population who use ORVs to the backpackers and the amount of land available for each group to use.

Marjean Kamera

Salt Lake City