The debate is over and the verdict is in. Global warming is happening and humans are the primary cause. Just last month was the hottest May on record. If you care for your own future or those of coming generations we must not bury our heads in the warming sands or the plethora of digital worlds.

Fortunately, there is plenty each of us can do. Here are just a few ideas: Educate yourself, and don’t be afraid of knowledge. Then, take action guided by truth. Write to your leaders and demand action. Join and support an environmental organization. Eat less meat. Consume less, connect more. Reduce, reuse, recycle (in order of impact). Bike, walk or use transit. Support green energy through local utilities and farmers markets. Unplug more. Discuss it with friends and family.

We must realize change is required and act accordingly.

Jared Buhanan-Decker