I have noticed a dangerous trend lately: more car owners are personalizing their rides by adding deep tint to the driver's-side and passenger's-side windows in violation of the law. As the trend toward illegal use of distracting cellphones and other electronic devices grows, it becomes more important that I, as a defensive driver, am able to see the driver of another vehicle to determine that they have seen me in situations such as four-way stops. That eye-to-eye contact keeps both of us safe. Deep tint prevents this.

The tint would normally cause a failure of the state inspection, but many of these drivers remove the tint for the inspection, and as soon as the car passes, the owner then reapplies the tint on their own or employs an unscrupulous shop to reapply it until the next inspection.

Law enforcement should more strictly enforce the existing laws by citing drivers with deep window tints, and the state should increase fines for owners who are cited and then reapply the tint. Safety should trump personal choice in this matter.

Brian Myers