There is so much to love here in Salt Lake City. The outpour of support those of us with disabilities receive is truly a daily blessing. But closer to home, Salt Lake City has become a solitary and alienating experience. There is a dangerous disconnect in paratransit that has caused serious and frightening situations for those with severe disabilities.

UTA claims that Utahns want a curb-to-curb paratransit system. The difference in the system here versus other cities is one that leaves us homebound or requires we put ourselves in real danger.

The disabled people of Salt Lake County are sick and tired of begging UTA to do its job. The volunteer organizations cannot keep up with our needs. The best thing for us would be if all the volunteer organizations met with UTA and told them that the people of this city expect UTA to provide origin to destination service for those that need it.

Lisa Morris

Salt Lake City