With all the bus and train shortages, as well as safety and mental health risks posed by fellow riders, one has to wonder, should one force to take public transportation as opposed to riding in the safety of one’s very own car? Don't get me wrong, I am all about public togetherness: I think it is practically one's civic duty to get out and about and ride in a trolley or train sometimes. The issue is, should we really risk our own safety and loved ones’ safety by riding in public transportation together, or should we think twice and employ extra safety measures?

We want to get to the point where we feel good about taking public transportation because it is good for the environment, but we shouldn’t feel we have to sacrifice our mental and physical well-being by spending time with passengers who may pose a safety hazard.

In places like Seattle, there is a company called Car2Go, where people pay to rent an automobile per minute. Those with social phobias may want to take a car to work. People should genuinely take public transportation because they want to, because they feel safe both mentally and physically and because the price of fare is easy on their pockets and on the environment.

Suphie Wesner

Shaker Heights, Ohio