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Covenant Communications
"Before the Clock Strikes Thirty" is by Aubrey Mace.

"BEFORE THE CLOCK STRIKES THIRTY," by Aubrey Mace, Covenant Communications, $15.99, 193 pages (f)

Shannon Fielding has always found wedding festivities romantic and thrilling. At the age of 10, Shannon is asked to help at her best friend’s sister’s wedding. The bride’s fortune-telling aunt tells Shannon that before her 30th year she will meet the man of her dreams at a wedding reception.

Author Aubrey Mace sends Shannon on an adventure to find Mr. Right, and the reader enjoys coming along. While Shannon grows into womanhood and continues her education at Brigham Young University in Provo, she becomes re-acquainted with her childhood friend Nathan.

The two enjoy a wonderful friendship as the heroine tries to keep the young man as a "friend" for a past mistake he made when they were children. Yet, Nathan has no recollection of this past transgression.

Shannon is a character worth cheering on and yet some of her antics are cringe-worthy as the two swirl in their romantic whirlwind. This becomes more dangerous when another man attempts to woo her.

Primarily set in Provo, Mace gives glimpses into the world of BYU, including several buildings on campus, and the Provo area, including the favorite pizza joint the Brick Oven. The two characters also travel to Salt Lake City to visit Temple Square and church meetinghouses of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to attend wedding receptions.

As a romance, there is friendly flirting between men and women while on dates and at wedding receptions, and none of it goes beyond kissing. There is also no swearing and no violence.

Mace lives in Sandy and is the author of “My Fairy Grandmother" and Whitney Award-winning “Spare Change.”

Micah Klug graduated with her bachelor’s degree in health care administration from Brigham Young University-Idaho. She currently resides in Rexburg, Idaho.