As a member of AARP, one of the sponsors of the Healthy Utah poll released last week, I was pleased to read the healthy debate it generated in the Deseret News over the weekend. But perhaps the key takeaway from the poll is that Utahns are not satisfied with doing nothing. Significant majorities want to cover the uninsured with federal dollars.

Understandably, while some urge the state to be cautious, we have now studied the issue for two years. We have learned lessons from other states that have moved forward with traditional Medicaid expansion and from other states who have pursued covering their lower-income populations with private health insurance plans. We expect that regardless of the amount of study, there will still need to be modifications to plans as we move forward, but now is the time for leaders to find a solution that provides quality health coverage to the most vulnerable in our state.

After conducting this poll, we learned that covering Utah’s uninsured is good for the state.

Alan Ormsby