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"Pitt Cue Co.: The Cookbook" is by Tom Adams, Simon Anderson, Jamie Berger and Richard H. Turner.

"PITT CUE CO.: The Cookbook," by Tom Adams, Jamie Berger, Simon Anderson and Richard H. Turner, Mitchell Beazley, $34.99, 301 pages

The first clue that the "Pitt Cue Co.: The Cookbook" is not your average cookbook is the cover — bright orange with a simple drawing of a pig.

The second is the hearty endorsement on the back cover laced with profanity (albeit only partially spelled swear words). Cover your eyes and prepare your taste buds as you dive into this one.

These more than 120 eclectic recipes include Fennel-cured Scratchings, Buffalo Pigs' Tails, Crumbled Hog Jowls and Habanero Pigs' Ears.

Then on to pickled seafood of all varieties, including mackerel, shrimp and oysters. How about Burnt Tomatoes and Shallots on Toast?

There is a section on essential rubs that sounds mouth-watering. And for sauces, a really nice one for a barbecued suckling pig.

Maybe the Belly Chops on page 146 will appeal or the Pulled Duck and Caviar Buns. (Take note that it's important to milk the fish eggs rather than gut the fish for them.)

This is a fascinating cookbook for the moderately skilled cook, with advice about raising happy pigs to get better-tasting pork and a number of recipes that came from making a mistake at the popular barbecue restaurant in Soho, London.

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