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"America's Most Wanted Recipes at the Grill" is by Ron Douglas.

"AMERICA'S MOST WANTED RECIPES AT THE GRILL," by Ron Douglas, Atria Books, $16, 336 pages

With more than 180 recipes, “America’s Most Wanted Recipes at the Grill” contains several summers’ worth of dinners that can be cooked outside. Author Ron Douglas details how to copycat delectable dinners from restaurants such as Panera Bread, Outback Steakhouse and Olive Garden, to name just a few.

Douglas explains how to cook almost anything on a grill. Clear explanations are given for how to grill beef, chicken, lamb, sausage, seafood and vegetables. Many popular marinades, dipping sauces and rub recipes are also offered in this book, making it possible to mimic those items as well. While the expected burger and steak recipes are given, other recipes, such as salads, pizzas and pasta concoctions, can be re-created also.

While there are a few vegetarian dishes in this cookbook, the majority of the recipes are for carnivores.

Douglas is a best-selling author and founder of RecipeSecrets.net, a popular copycat recipe website. He lives in New York with his family.

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