As a small business owner, I recently ran an Instagram contest and was surprised by one of the comments. One posting read "if you don't win, you can find it for less on Amazon." That is a true statement, It was $3 less than in ​our​ store. It can be a challenge to compete with online pricing, though we're usually comparable. As a community and society, we need to decide if survival of local stores is more important than saving $3.

When purchasing from a local business, the sales tax goes directly into community coffers, providing services and benefits we all enjoy. Your purchase provides employment for the kid next door, your neighbor and friend, and helps keep that local business alive, adding to the fabric of our community. Your purchase has a trickle effect with direct and local benefits.

​Our employees have paid for college fees, missionary expenses, dance, music and art lessons, sports activities, mortgages and general family expenses. I don't believe Amazon purchases make that kind of direct impact to our communities.

While I have made purchases on Amazon and recognize it's here to stay, I hope we think twice about the real cost of saving $3.

Tamara England