Jacquelyn Martin, Associated Press
I would propose the GOP reconsider a seasoned candidate with the ability to jump-start our stagnant economy, Mitt Romney.

Even though the 2014 elections are still five months away, it’s not too early to start thinking about the 2016 Presidential elections. Hillary Clinton is already trying to rewrite history to cover her failures as Secretary of State and as First Lady, but who is a worthy opponent on the Republican side? I would propose the GOP reconsider a seasoned candidate with the ability to jump-start our stagnant economy, Mitt Romney.

The failures of Barack Obama over the past five years, have demonstrated the need for someone with the education and business experience to right what is wrong with America. It doesn’t matter that you are the most skilled public speaker if you don’t have the substance to develop a coherent vision for the future and to select qualified lieutenants to execute that vision.

Mitt Romney had a plan for the 2002 Winter Olympics and ran the Olympics with a surplus. In his first year as governor of Massachusetts, he rescued the state budget from a $1.5 billion deficit with a combination of budget cuts, increased user fees and the closure of corporate tax loopholes, and he did this with a Democratic-controlled legislature.

Isn’t it time to look beyond the slogans and smooth presentation of a skilled politician and go with proven experience? Being a state governor is the perfect training for the executive role of the President. Only Chris Christie, Rick Perry and Jeb Bush have that background, but each lack private sector experience. Being one of a hundred senators for two or four years wasn’t enough background experience for our current President and won’t be enough for Sens. Rubio or Cruz.

The Executive Branch needs to be reorganized from the top down with new people, a new attitude and new urgency to get things done. President Obama had the highest number of politicians in his original cabinet and is only now slowly starting to replace them with people with private sector experience. Does anyone really believe that we would have the current problem with the delays at the VA hospitals if it had been run by results-oriented business people and not political hacks?

Looking back, it’s easy to see the folly in President Obama’s juvenile foreign policy of being overly nice to our Arab friends as we ignored the only real democracy in the Middle East, Israel and simply ‘reset’ our relations with Russia. Since then, Syria is in flames, Egypt is under a military dictatorship and Russia has annexed the Crimea and is threatening the rest of the Ukraine. Mitt Romney was criticized in the 2012 campaign for his statement that Russia was the key geopolitical foe faced by the United States but subsequent events have proven that he was correct.

Mitt Romney is currently touring the country helping GOP candidates as the ‘unofficial’ leader of the Republican Party. Republicans would do well to seriously consider making it official. Romney knows what needs to be done and has shown an ability to work with others to succeed.

Bob Fuehr is a retired telecommunications executive, former director of the Utah Division of Economic Development and a former candidate for the Republican 4th district congressional nomination.