Al Hartmann
Clark Aposhian, Utah's chief gun rights activist and chairman of the Utah Shooting Sports Council appears in Holladay Justice Court Tuesday, June 4, 2013, on four charges, including domestic violence, for Memorial Day incident at ex-wife's with his Army surplus truck and threats made. Judge Augustus Chin ordered him to secure his weapons away from his home, car and person.

SOUTH JORDAN — Utah's top gun lobbyist said he has been vindicated after charges of domestic violence, threats and criminal mischief were dismissed in a plea deal Monday.

"I've been cleared of all these untrue and unfounded allegations. I've been vindicated," said Clark Aposhian, known statewide for his work with the Utah Shooting Sports Council. "It's unfortunate it took over a year to have that happen, at a great cost taxpayers and Cottonwood Heights, as well as at a great cost to myself."

Aposhian pleaded no contest to disorderly conduct, amended to an infraction from a class B misdemeanor, while class B misdemeanor charges of domestic violence in the presence a child, criminal mischief and threats of violence were dismissed.

The disorderly conduct charge, he said, was for sounding an air horn in a residential neighborhood.

Aposhian was arrested last year after he drove his "deuce and a half" military surplus vehicle to the Cottonwood Heights neighborhood where he used to live and backed into his ex-wife's driveway to turn the truck around. Because of an ongoing custody battle over their 11-year-old daughter, the woman called Aposhian's appearance harassment and alleged he made threats against her husband.

Last June a court ordered that Aposhian could not possess any firearms in light of a protective order filed against him. Aposhian said Monday that the protective order has been dismissed and he can have his guns back.

Most importantly, Aposhian said he can now focus on his relationship with his daughter.

"The firearms are what made this case so big because I happen to be a gun lobbyist, but the folks who know me know that the biggest heartbreak for me was not being able to see my daughter," Aposhian said.

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