Thanks for the excellent article citing the new REMI economic study showing that a revenue-neutral or fee-dividend carbon tax would benefit rather than hurt our economy (“An economic benefit of a fee-and-dividend carbon tax,” June 11). The escalating tax makes fossil fuels increasingly expensive, but we can buy clean energy with our carbon tax money.

The only injured parties are the fossil-fuel corporations whose products have cost over $1 trillion in climate change disasters, according to The International Energy Agency estimates just two more years of delay in making major cuts in CO2 will cost $4 trillion. And the IPCC reports warn not only of economic collapse but "societal collapse" if we don't make aggressive emissions changes.

Now we clearly have a win-win solution: a better economy and future global warming catastrophe averted. The only thing we lack is the political will to get this done.

Lynn Goldfarb

Lancaster, Pennsylvania