Recently I found an astonishing number of articles that cast a bad light on fraternities and sororities. The Greek life today is vastly different from the old stereotype. It is now less about crazy parties and keg stands, and more about a mutually supportive community centered on community service and academic achievement.

One of the things that impresses me most about the Greek community at the University of Utah is the culture of interdependence; everyone supports everyone, especially when times are tough. There are still rivalries among the houses, but it is all kept respectful and kind-hearted. The community service is also very impressive. Greeks raise thousands of dollars every semester for charities around our community, benefitting causes like sexual assault prevention, women's literacy and cancer research.

I personally believe in the good power of Greek life because I have seen it first hand. The charitable acts and the strength and integrity of our Greek community is really something special. Greek life provides a home away from home for many students, and teaches young adults valuable skills. I'm proud to say it's now the type of place that I want my future kids to be a part of when they go off to school.

Kelton Ehblad

Salt Lake City