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"Spectrum" is BYU Vocal Point's latest CD.

"SPECTRUM," BYU Vocal Point, BYU Records, $16.98

BYU Vocal Point’s new album, “Spectrum,” lives up to its name.

The album offers a variety of songs and each is performed with the group’s well-known a capella flare.

The nine-man group performs a little bit of everything, from covers of current pop favorites such as “Happy” and “Brave” to a Mozart tribute. An arrangement of “I Stand All Amazed” brings a religious aspect to the album, while “Newsies” and “Frankie Valli” medleys offer an upbeat facet to the CD.

“Spectrum” also includes two Vocal Point original songs. “Home for Me” was written by former Vocal Point members McKay Crockett and Keith Evans specifically to be performed by the group. Crockett currently works as Vocal Point’s director.

“Allegheny” was written by composer Ben Tengelsen, whose brother, Jake Tengelsen, is currently a member of the group. Ben Tengelsen told, Pittsburgh’s local NPR news station, that the song was inspired by the Allegheny and Monongahela rivers that meet in Pittsburgh to form the Ohio River. He sent the song to his brother, who then arranged it with the help of fellow Vocal Point member Scott Shattuck, according to the CD's credits.

The songs selected for the album are ones that were generally clean their original renditions, but a few lyrics have been changed for “Spectrum” to remove innuendos.

Originally founded in 1991, Vocal Point is composed of current students at Brigham Young University. The group has performed in many venues and participated in multiple competitions, including NBC’s “The Sing-Off” in 2011.

“Spectrum,” which was released in April, is the group’s 10th studio album and is available through, iTunes and multiple retail locations, including Deseret Book. Visit for additional information.

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