Coming from a family of eight in a North Georgia farm community, I was certainly reminded of what a dear soul my mother was. Over 90 years ago when there were few conveniences, she managed our home, cared for the family by whatever means it took and I don’t recall any protesting. She left a great legacy.

Right after WWII started, I married a Mormon girl. It didn’t take me long to see that she was truly a woman. My mother-in-law was a cripple from arthritis since having her first child. She left a legacy for my wife and anyone else with a sense of reasoning. My wife of 72 years left a legacy, too. She was always my helpmate, a mother, grandmother and great grandmother. She was educated, talented, devoted and above all, a woman, true to the closeness and strength of the family.

Our present society is no longer looking to the strength of the family and the solidity of our foundation. We try to erase gender from our vocabulary and replace it with equality. We need to extol the virtues of gender and not keep trying to erase male and female. There are no “its.” They are products of a degraded society.

Robert Foster