A frequent rebuttal against funding global education efforts is that we should fix our own community before we help others. While we deserve and even take for granted our rights to education, liberty and freedom, the world’s most desperate communities do not.

We produce graduates who can improve the quality of education and participate in the democratic process. In countries like Haiti, even if young children can attend schools, an absence of infrastructure destroys education delivery and prevents the sanctioning of liberty and social mobility. An earthquake might decimate school buildings, or a water-borne infectious disease will turn endemic and wipe out an entire society. Two thirds of the world’s illiterate are women, trapped in this cyclical injustice that deserves to be rectified.

I favor extended U.S. support to the Global Partnership to improve the quality of and access to education around the world.

We have the freedom to improve our education system. Let’s make sure that the rest of the world receives their right to a functioning, lasting and effective education system as well.

Sami Safiullah

Salt Lake City