I'm surprised by the hostile tone of so many comments to Gerald Elias' op-ed (“An economic benefit of a fee-and-dividend carbon tax,” June 11). Climate change -- global warming -- isn't an opinion. It's a fact that all of us can see. Not just an overwhelming consensus of climate scientists stand with accumulating evidence. A solid majority of American voters, as poll after poll has shown, now feels that we need drastic, decisive steps to curb greenhouse emissions.

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Denial and animosity won't help. We need to map ways forward that most Americans can live with, and start soon to follow them. The fee-and-dividend proposal offers a strongly market-driven way to curb emissions, while also, through the market rather than through regulation, it offers opportunities to benefit, beginning with the way we get our energy but going well beyond that. Why pay extra for fossil fuels when wind, solar and geothermal energy come free?

Another good thing this proposal offers is a chance for open, helpful conversation that could reach respectfully across party divisions. Fact: We need to move ahead. Opportunity: Let's stake out an open space for serious, committed, public conversation about the best way forward. I'm grateful that Mr. Elias wrote the way he did, and that this paper printed it.

Bob Speiser

Salt Lake City