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Covenant Communications
"Guy Stuff in the Scriptures" is by Mike Winder.

"GUY STUFF IN THE SCRIPTURES," by Mike Winder, Covenant Communications, $14.99, 195 pages (nf)

Studying the scriptures is basic counsel for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Diligent effort is required in order to make the standard works come to life and help with the change needed for each individual. One way for readers to increase understanding is to look at the written text of the scriptures from different angles, inviting the Holy Ghost to prompt new thoughts and ideas.

Mike Winder, author of the recently released “Guy Stuff in the Scriptures,” decided it would be interesting to look at the scriptures from a male point of view. By joining together events and circumstances from all four books of scripture, Winder challenges readers to think more deeply on the passages to which men and boys might relate.

For instance, the first chapter of “Guy Stuff in the Scriptures” focuses on stories that involve tools, gadgets and construction projects. When Nephi was commanded to build a ship, his first question was not to find out the dimensions and style of the ship. What he really wanted to know was the location of ore that could be used to create tools. Then, taking direction from the Lord, Nephi did what many today would like to do: he created the tools necessary to finish his work.

Other chapters are dedicated to topics including Beauties of the Bible, Killer Weapons and Vile Villains. Each list focuses on something that might be of interest to those of the male gender. A couple of the lists seem a little forced, but the vast majority are entertaining, uplifting and oftentimes insightful.

The good news is that for anyone who may be reluctant to look deeply into the scriptures, this little book offers views that might open a new appreciation for the word of the Lord.

Mike Whitmer lives in West Valley City and can be reached at grundelwalken@gmail.com. He blogs at mtwhitmer.blogspot.com.