Since basic training back in 1965 I’ve heard horror stories about the VA. But that hasn’t been my own experience.

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My kidneys failed nearly 17 years ago. I was on dialysis (18 months) until I received a transplant. VA doctors, nurses and numerous technicians have provided all of my care since. Last summer I spent a month in the VAMC with a near-fatal case of pneumonia, much of that time in intensive care. Two months later I was back for a triple-bypass and valve replacement heart surgery; another month hospitalized. The heart procedure stressed my transplant beyond its ability to recover, so I’m back on dialysis.

Locally, I believe funds aren’t always allocated wisely. I’ve lied on bed sheets worn so thin they actually had runs in the fabric. Sometimes the staff seems to be running just to keep up with all of us.

Any administrator at any VA facility who puts other things ahead of the best use of limited resources for patient treatment should be gone. But let’s commend those who are dedicated to veterans’ care, often in very trying circumstances and conditions.

Rod Clifford

Salt Lake City