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Cedar Fort
"Beyond Mile Marker 80: Choosing Joy After Tragic Loss" is by Jeff Olsen.

"BEYOND MILE MARKER 80: Choosing Joy After Tragic Loss," by Jeff Olsen, Plain Sight Publishing, $12.99, 128 pages (nf)

Utah author and inspirational speaker Jeff Olsen returns to finish his story in "Beyond Mile Marker 80."

Olsen's life took a tragic turn when he lost his wife and toddler son in a car accident in 1997. Although his life was filled with spiritual experiences and uplifting moments, he didn't see how he would ever get past the accident — past the mile marker 80 where he had lost half of his world.

In "Beyond Mile Marker 80," Olsen takes the reader through what happened in the years after the accident, including meeting his new wife, Tonya, adopting two sons and the everyday battle that his family fought with the pain and grief that lingered.

In an honest, poignant and sometimes surprising way, Olsen takes the reader through his journey of not only finding himself again but also finding out that when you are in pain or grieving, you can't expect someone else to heal you. Olsen found that in making the decision to help heal himself, he was finally able to move beyond.

"Beyond Mile Marker 80" contains no foul language or sexual content, but there are some mature concepts included.

Tara Creel is a Logan, Utah, native and mother of three boys. Her email is taracreel@gmail.com, and she blogs at taracreelbooks.wordpress.com.