Scott Brown's father taught him that one weed is too many.

I am fortunate to have a father who has been close to me my entire life and continues to enjoy good health. He has had a rewarding career, but never let the “awards” replace his family. Below I have compiled a list of 15 lessons he taught me — mostly pragmatic (with some humor). I learned all of the lessons with my eyes and not my ears.

1. Never be late. You aren’t important enough to keep others waiting.

2. If you can afford to dry clean your shirts and suits, do it. If you can’t, do it anyway.

3. The softer you talk, the more carefully others listen.

4. Words are one of God’s greatest creations. Never be satisfied until you find the right one.

5. It’s OK to marry a U of U graduate as long as she doesn’t follow football.

6. If you are lucky enough to have hair to comb, you are lucky enough.

7. A table isn’t clean until it’s been wiped three times.

8. One weed in the grass is one weed too many. If you have to kill the entire lawn to kill the one weed and you have to start over with your lawn, it is worth it.

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9. Apologize quicker than you lose your temper.

10. Riding 100 miles a week on a bike is ageless. So is never losing to my son in basketball.

11. You haven’t visited a city unless you’ve bought a sweatshirt there.

12. There are no dumb questions and there are no quick answers.

13. Treat others the way you’d want them to treat your mother.

14. I could never be a salesman which, for some reason, means I can never say no to salesmen.

15. Virtue is a priceless treasure. Guard it in yourself and others.

Scott practices commercial and bankruptcy law with Lewis Roca Rothgerber LLP in Phoenix.