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Sarah Thomas
Keyanu Tate (No. 10) Sr., St. Joseph Team general drove the MF

First Team

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MVP: Tristan Broadbent, F, Waterford

Sean Keough, F, Waterford

Junior Zoutomou, F, Rowland Hall

Juan Frutos, F, Manti

David Donlevy, F, St. Joseph

Mahonry Chichia, MF, American Leadership

Bryan Byl, MF, Parowan

Zach Pollatsek, MF, Rowland Hall

Keyanu Tate, MF, St. Joseph

Enzo Wiener, D, Rowland Hall

Daniel Beesley, D, Waterford

Manny Vega, D, Manti

Oswald Cruz, D, St. Joseph

Ross Merrell, GK, Waterford

Janik Flint, GK, Layton Christian

Second Team


Alvaro Cardenas, Manti, Sr.

Hootie Hennessey, Merit Academy, Sr.

Koby Sobremesana, Grand County, Jr.

Emrem Tanriover, Wasatch Academy, Sr.


Diego Avilo, Gunnison, Sr.

Austin Farr, Summit Academy, Sr.

Jacob Francis, Grand County, Sr.

Ulises Mendoza, Delta, Jr.


Lucius Bynum, Rowland Hall, Sr.

Zach Lagaisee, American Leadership, Jr.

Jesse Sindelar, Waterford, Jr.


Paco Alcala, Millard, Jr.

Anson Gwilliam, American Leadership, Jr.

Ten Janes, Rowland Hall, Sr.

Honorable Mention

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Esteban Acosta, St. Joseph; Marco Almanza, Manti; Kyle Baranko, Rowland Hall; Renzo Barreto, American Leadership; Dallin Brand, Maeser Prep; Mitch Byl, Parowan; Edgar Contreras, Wendover; Trysten Daniels, Manti; Patrick Dowd, Waterford; Jesse Durrant, North Sevier; Matt Farr, Summit Academy; Daniel Frutos, Manti; Juan Gonzalez, American Leadership; Esteban Maldonodo, Manti; Isreal Mayorga, Manti; Xavier Medina, American Leadership; Eduardo Munoz, Manti; Rodolfo Peralta, Merit Academy; Michael Peterson, Manti; Britton Porter, Delta; Donnett Sackie, Wasatch Academy; Bryce Thatcher, Parowan; Michael Thompson, Rowland Hall; Aaron Wayman, Manti.

Sarah Thomas earned a degree in Mathematics from the University of Utah and is currently pursuing an MBA at Westminster College. She has been covering sports for the Deseret News since 2008.