I think President Obama needs to practice trading pokemon cards with my 6-year-old son before he makes anymore trades for soldiers. The deal we made for Army Sgt. Bowe is embarssing. Consider the United States Military resources and budget compared to what the Taliban has to spend, yet we traded five for one. Not only did we trade five for one, but we traded five Rambos back to the Taliban for a Barney Fife. Even a one to one trade would have been a raw deal based on the strategic military nature of who was being traded.

Clearly our leaders felt like the Taliban had the upper hand in this deal. I get it that we don’t leave a man behind, but based on who we say we are and how much we spend on military resources, in this case we should have easily been able to take what is ours and offer nothing in return. If we don't have that capability we don't have the military strength we are told we have.

Talbot Merrill

Lebanon, Missouri