In today’s challenging global economic environment, many times education is overlooked or disregarded; specifically, the education of young girls. One way to begin to alleviate some of the severe issues associated with education would be to give money in order to support the educational infrastructure reform.

As I am currently a female seeking a career in medicine, I feel that the issue of women’s education is of particular interest to me. Although I have always had familial support throughout my educational career, I understand that support can be pivotal in a person’s success. With the money received, schoolchildren will get that support to push them to finish their education.

I plan on continuing to advocate for worldwide education as a physician, both in healthcare and in the traditional classroom. Both of my parents are public educators and have instilled in me a desire to teach others and help them strive for educational success.

The education of youth is fundamental for the forward movement of both our country and international relations.

Taylor Ford

Salt Lake City