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More than two dozen authors are contributing to an anthology to benefit Utah author Robison Wells, who has debt due to several mental illnesses.

The project to help Utah author Robison Wells, who suffers from mental illnesses, raised $120,512 — more than the $110,000 goal.

More than three dozen authors, including several Utahns, contributed deleted scenes, bonus chapters, alternate edits, previously unpublished short stories and other writings to the “Altered Perceptions” anthology, which is due out in August. Other perks were also available and included signed books, manuscript critiques from authors and editors, meals, movies and/or game nights with several of the authors, Larry Correia shooting things, a serenade on the Robison and Dan Wells’ podcast, choosing the name of a character in a book and a call from Brandon Sanderson, among others, according to the project’s website, indiegogo.com/projects/altered-perceptions.

There were 2,434 people who helped fund the project, including 1,246 who bought the $10 e-book and another 786 who bought the $28 hardcover book, according to an email sent to contributors.

Some of the perks are already being filled, as Robison Wells noted in the May 31 email: "I took people to breakfast three times this week, which was awesome."

The money is to help Wells, author of “Blackout,” “Feedback” and “Variant,” whose mental illnesses are panic disorder, agoraphobia, depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder pay off debt that includes medical debt, $38,000 to the IRS and student loans, according to the site.

The $10,512 raised beyond the $110,000 goal will go to Utah author Sarah M. Eden, who has an anxiety-induced eating disorder (called Eating Disorder, Not Otherwise Specified), among other illnesses, including liver disease, rheumatoid arthritis and Hashimoto's disease, according to a post on Wells’ Facebook page.

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