I’m not old, but I woke up recently to a horrifying discovery: I get older every day, no matter what I do. This realization has got me thinking nostalgically, which takes me back to my childhood.

At the city park where I used to play, the children were drawn to one attraction in particular: the old stationary wooden hamster wheel.

For some reason, the city did away with this hamster wheel.

My elementary school also featured a wooden playground. Surprisingly, towards the end of my elementary career, the announcement was made that the wooden playground would be dismantled. This came as a shock, especially when the announcement was made that it would be replaced with a plastic-metal hybrid playground that, as far as I know, still stands today.

I only had one year’s worth of that new playground, and for a long time I thought it was an improvement. But now when I visit playgrounds with my son, I watch his face to see how he reacts to the playground. It makes me sentimental, and I wonder what the future holds for my son’s kids, and for the future of playgrounds everywhere.

Eric Rigby

Bunnell, Florida